Therapy for Individuals, Couples and Ethical Non-Monogamous Folks

About Romeo’s Sensation LLC

Romel Santiago has dedicated his life to addressing sex-related topics that often go undiscussed, giving clients a safe place to explore issues that they may not feel comfortable discussing with other therapists. Romeo’s Sensation LLC aims to remove the stigma from sex and sexual health.

Specializing in trauma, identity, and sex, Romeo’s Sensation LLC aims to provide culturally competent, diverse, and affirming services to all. We focus on addressing the entire you – physical, emotional, spiritual, and sexual.

Bridging The Gap in Sexual Health Counseling.

Concerns surrounding sex can be embarrassing, and who can you talk to about these things? Why can’t I please my partner(s)? Am I big enough? Why can’t I last longer? Is it normal for it to be this painful? Why am I not ready as often as they are? Is it wrong to think this stuff is exciting?

We often find that our social circles are where we get the answers to most of our questions, but these questions often go unaddressed because of guilt, shame, fear, embarrassment or a number of other reasons.

We get it and we address it. Sex and intimacy are a big part of life. We are all sexual beings! So why not take the time to discover the cause so you can explore and rediscover the magic of sex without fear, guilt and shame.

“I had a mistaken belief and I made the mistake of believing it”

Confidential and Judgment-free

All sessions that are held virtually, are secure, and remain confidential.