Identity encompasses every aspect of who we are as a person, a part of a community, a sexual being, and much more. It is not just genetic markers, it is also sex, gender, orientation, likes and dislikes. Identity is wrapped up in the question: who am I as a whole person? Specializing in the minority experience, complex trauma, and systemic race issues, Romeo’s Sensation LLC focuses on navigating this complex question.

In this current climate, it can often feel like we are being constantly attacked or targeted, harassed, devalued, debased and even dehumanized. Who you are is a whole person that requires no explanation or justification. We specialize in navigating every aspect of your identity and how they intersect to make the  entire you!

We work with a variety of populations such as LGBTQIAA+, non-gay identified men who have sex with men, folks seeking HRT letters of support, and those who fall in, on, and around the gender spectrum.


Folks seeing therapy for trauma can seek therapy for a number of reasons. We work with and specialized in Childhood Trauma, Minority/Cultural Trauma, Religious Trauma, Sexual Trauma and a great number of other categories of trauma.

Trauma is one of those words that carries a great deal of stigma. Just like us, trauma comes in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of whether your experience is one time, ongoing, complex, systematic, lifelong, or generational, Romeo’s Sensation LLC can help you with this. We don’t have to be defined by it our entire lives.

What would life be like if you could shed those masks you carry throughout the day, feel less fearful and afraid, or just genuinely laugh again? You can get back to that person!

It is not about “getting rid of it” but learning how to minimize the impact it has on our daily lives.

Sex Therapy

This is more than Dr. Ruth on late night TV. Sex therapy is about overcoming boundaries and barriers that prevent or limit our ability to explore the types of relationships we desire in our lives. Sex is more than a bedroom workout; it is every aspect of our relations: talk, touch, sharing, holding, etc.

From issues with arriving, maintaining, or completion of orgasms, to what it feels like to navigate the fears and stigma of liking things others may find strange, to learning about what sex is or can be, we are here. Sexuality and interests are complex and can be uncomfortable. Often times, we don’t know where to go for guidance. We know what that fear is like and can assist with navigating through it.

If you’re single, coupled, poly, or consensually non-monogamous, sex therapy is an opportunity to overcome obstacles and/or enhance any type of relationship.


Waking up daily trying to figure out a way through the darkness is even harder when the world seems like its closing in on you. The feelings of wanting and needing someone to understand and help make things better is always there, but it never feels like anyone really “gets it”.

We get it! We get that there are countless ways for someone to learn and practice getting their life back, freeing themselves from this endless cycle. We work with various pathways to recovery including 12-step, Refuge Recovery, SMART Recovery, Spirituality/Religion, Celebrate Recovery or drawing your own pathway and Harm Reduction. We work with what works for you!


It starts in your chest and then radiates throughout your body, and you feel like it’s never going to end, hoping and praying for the day when you could just walk into that place, or even out of your house, without this feeling of impending doom.

What would life be like if you did not have to worry about that, if you could concentrate on what’s actually going on and enjoy the moment? We want you to be able to enjoy the life you want to have, without feeling like you have to choose between anxiety/panic and getting out of bed. It is possible, and we can help!

Life Changes

A part of the human condition is that change is constant. It is probably one of the few guarantees we have in life. Just because it’s constant, doesn’t mean we like it, appreciate it, enjoy it, or even want it. 

You may have spent your whole life, or even big moments fighting what you don’t want to give up. Therapy is not about learning to decrease the changes we experience; it’s learning how to decrease our aversion to them. What would life be like if you could learn how to navigate the changes with more emotional freedom?

We also offer therapy services in these areas:

Addiction, Anxiety, Body Image, Coping Skills, Depression, Life Transitions, LGBTQIAA+, Personal Growth, Personality Disorders, Relationship Enhancement, Self-Worth, Stress Reduction, and much more.

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