Romeo’s Groups and Classes

8 Steps to Intimacy– Online Course Starts September 15, 2023

Our new online course that offer folks to learn and practice rejuvenating their relationship by working on communication. Learn and practice methods of stopping the fights and arguments, blow-ups and blaming, all while increasing the connection to those around you. This course is 8 days of online learning while you dedicate 2 hours a day to learning and practicing the skills discussed. Ask about our discount for current clients.

BDSM 101- On Pause at the moment

Bi-weekly ongoing meetings scheduled for 90 minutes, throughout the month This is a mixed support group and therapy group that aims to address current and potential pitfalls for folks within the BDSM/Kink/Fetish communities. Throughout this group we will explore consent, vetting, structure, de-coupling, and a few other fun topics.

Ethical Non-Monogamy- Online Course starting 2024

Support group dedicated to folks who are thinking about or already in existing ethical non-monogamous relationships. This is a support group aimed at gaining tools and sharing experiences about the successes and challenges of being in an ethical non-monogamous relationship. This is not a therapy group, so the focus is on sharing and hearing the experience of others. Groups are done online and are 90 minutes. Topics vary from week to week. The main purpose of our ENM group is to support one another, share experiences with those thinking of opening their relationship and so forth. 

Be a Hero– Donate to the scholarship fund

Support those struggling with the ability to pay for services by giving a one time donation or a monthly donation. We do what we can to provide options for a variety of income levels, but sometimes that is still not enough. Every dollar counts so click the link today to make a donation.

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