First Responders

Offering Discount Services for Those That Serve Our Communities

We all find ourselves facing dangerous or traumatizing situations at some point in our lives, however there are a select few of us that chose this as a career. We understand that front line workers happen to be in a variety of fields, working a variety of positions, but the impact it takes on ourselves, our families and our supports is unmeasurable. We thank you, each of you and want to give back however we can.

According to a recent study, approximately 30% of first responders develop either burnout, depression, PTSD, anxiety or other behavioral health conditions, including substance abuse. Suicide is on the rise for firefighters and law enforcement. It is estimated that 125-300 law enforcement offices commit suicide each year.  First responders are usually the first on the scene to face challenging, dangerous, and emotionally and physically draining situations. Although they are essential to the community, the work they do is strenuous and over time puts first responders at risk for trauma.

At Romeo’s Sensation LLC we take these risks to our first responders seriously. We are well versed at taking the time to meet with these much needed professionals; to help reduce the stress leading to decrease in burnout, depression, anxiety and PTSD. Additionally, we offer Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) to aid first responders reduce and resolve the many symptoms associated with PTSD. It is our commitment to offer services to those who give us so much. 

We also believe that first responders are not limited to Fighter fighters, Nursing, Police Officers, but also extend to include Therapist, Social Workers, Maintenance and many more.

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